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29 July 2012 @ 06:21 pm
character info  

Forrest Bondurant nearly died from the Spanish flu that took his parents. Rumored in his Depression era town to be indestructible, among other things. An untouchable, introverted, prideful man with ferociously violent tendencies that have come to define him.

Does not abide to a specific default point in the books unless requested. Keep in mind muse is combination of mediums.


The Bondurant Brothers
 The Bondurant boys were a notorious gang of roughnecks and moonshiners who ran liquor through Franklin County, Virginia. It's here that Forrest acts as a bootlegger of a brew called "White Lightning" and guardian of his brothers Howard and Jack, running the County Line Restaurant as front and an homage to their father. The consumate businessman to most appearances, he does his best to leave the youngest, Jack, out of some of the bloodier and political trials of criminality.

The Chicago native cook and housekeeper, the feminine touch of the County Line Restaurant. Keeps more than an eye for Forrest, just as he does the same for her. The two are too world wearied to be anything more than unclear to each other, and any onlookers. Though she gets points for a more concerted effort.